Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome Monday!

Another Monday, and here I sit talking to myself again.  I'm feeling kind of old, and nothing really seems to fit anymore (especially my clothes)!  I'm existing...just hanging around, and there's little else to do but frown.  Maybe I have the blues?  I don't know.  Nothing's really wrong...though I feel like I don't belong.  I'd go out and walk around, but I'm afraid that people might think I'm some kind of lonely clown.  Mondays are just a bummer for me...they really get me down.

It's funny...but I always wind up here with you (my computer).  I guess it's nice to know somebody loves me (even if it's my computer).  I suppose the only thing to do is run and find the one who loves me...but a computer?  Yeah, whatever!

I realize that what I'm feeling has come and gone before, so today is nothing special.  And no...I don't need to talk it out, I'm sure everyone knows what this is all about.  So I'll just hang around and frown, because Mondays (and rainy days)...they always get me down.

I just had a great idea!  I could write a fantastic song about how I'm feeling today! 

Wait...some guy named Paul Williams already did and Karen Carpenter already sang it.  Another opportunity missed!  Now I'm feeling even more down (sigh...).

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. My friend was reading this to me…after a sentence or two she said whaaat???
    I got it right away haha... I am older than her. Clever! A little rainy day Monday humor always gets me…through! :)