Monday, May 19, 2014

"Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills" - Napoleon Dynamite

My son shared a Bruce Lee video on Facebook the other day that was incredible.  In addition other signature martial-arts moves, it showed Bruce playing ping pong with nanchaku (nanchucks)...even keeping up against two opponents at one time!  It's pretty amazing footage...take a look:

Have you every tried swinging nanchucks around?  I did when I was a teenager.  After cracking myself in the head, the back and other various and sundry places, I retired from the sport immediately (sorry ladies, no great skills).  To see someone swing those with such control and finesse was more than impressive. 

I was so impressed that I made the mistake of looking into the Ping-Pong video further.  What a let-down...IT'S FAKE!  Turns out it wasn't Bruce Lee at all, rather a look-alike and some nifty special effects to make it appear that it was old footage of Bruce Lee playing Ping-Pong with nanchaku!  It was made for Nokia to promote a line of Bruce Lee cell-phones.

The moral of the story can't trust anything on the internet.  New video can be made to look old and grainy.  Special effects and editing can make things seem real when in fact they are not.  Maybe this post isn't real...maybe I'm just saying that footage isn't real in an attempt to make you think it's fake, when in fact it might be that my post that isn't really the real deal, which would mean the Brue Lee video really is real, making my post just another attempt to make the real seem unreal or vice versa.

I'm sorry to say that we can no longer trust the internet to tell the truth! (shocker)  There's nothing to do but go back to 'rushing around in hopeless circles, searching everywhere for something true'. 

That's right, I'm still at the age of not believing.

(I am pretty good with a Bow Staff...thank goodness)

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  1. So what your saying is... the only way that I'm ever going to become "a real boy" is via the internet? Got it & many thanks! ;)