Sunday, May 18, 2014

I Can Hear You. I Can Hear You.

Yesterday my wife and I participated in a local marathon. She did the half. I did the whole. The weather was perfect...almost a little too warm...but perfect overall.  There seemed to be twice as many participants as in the past. It had to be a record number of people attending because the event was packed. I think over 2500 marathoners and almost 4000 half marathoners not to mention the 5k and kids run.

Not my best marathon time but a fun morning regardless.

My least favorite part of the whole running thing? The bathrooms. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they have them, but they usually get pretty nasty. The lines are always long and they definitely get used and I don't mean gently. But there isn't a time that I don't step into one where I'm not reminded of my older sister.

Years ago when my sister lived in Big Fork, MT, we went up for a visit and decided to go into Glacier National Park. At one point, we all stopped for a bathroom break and all they had were the temporary blue outhouses.

The plastic potties are usually packed close together and they're not known for their great acoustics. Teasing my sister as we stepped into two that were side by side I said "I can hear you...I can hear you..." We both laughed. I did my thing and was out of there in seconds and another guy walked in right after me. Apparently my sister did not hear me step out and carried on with the 'potty humor' and 'I can hear you' teasing while a total stranger was doing his thing.  The look on her face was priceless when she stepped out and saw me off talking with the rest of the family and realized she'd been talking to someone else most of the time.

For some reason she wanted to get out of there very quickly. I still tease her to this day.

The moral of this story?
Your mom was right.....Don't talk to strangers....Ever....Especially in adjoining toilet stalls...even if you think one is a family member.


  1. Definitely one of those 'oh crap' moments!

  2. I've never heard that story! How funny!!

  3. When I came out and saw you in the parking lot talking to everyone, I ran so fast (while laughing my guts out) to be certain I was completely anonymous before the guy stepped out. That was so close, can you imagine if we would have came out the same time? Uhhhhhhh hi.....whats that over there? haha